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Graco Core E1 Electric Transfer Pumps

Get in the flow with the NEW Core E1 electric transfer pumps; designed to optimize material supply and minimize downtime. Quieter and less expensive to operate, the new electric pumps can communicate with the Reactor 3 to give you a fully-connected system.

When connected to the Reactor 3 system, the Core E1 has the ability for system communication and auto feed pump shutdown.

  • Supply Pump Shutdown
    • Senses when drum is empty and automatically shuts down transfer pumps and Reactor 3 proportioners
    • No air enters the system
    • Keeps material on-ratio
  • ProConnect Technology
    • Quickly disconnect the motor from the pump lower
    • Easily transfer pump from drum to drum
  • Smart Supply
    • Monitors and adjusts proportioner inlet pressures
    • Optimize material feed and on-ratio performance
  • Quiet Design
    • Up to 6X quieter than pneumatic pumps

Core E1 Bare
Core E1 TPC, CAN Cable
Core E1 Supply Hose, TPC, CAN Cable
Core E1 Air Supply & Supply Hose, TPC, CAN Cable
Pump Lower Bare

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