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HydraX 4540 Complete Package Kit



Hydra X 4540 Complete Package Kit

  • HydraX 4540 w/Elastomeric GHT Kit (includes 250′ 1/2″ hose, 6′ x3/8″ whip, M-8 gun, & 531 HP tip)
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HydraX 4540 Complete Package Kit

HydraX 4540 w/Elastomeric GHT Kit (includes 250′ 1/2″ hose, 6′ x3/8″ whip, M-8 gun, & 531 HP tip)

The new Hydra X roofing and protective coatings sprayer combines the power and pressure needed to spray the toughest coatings. Built to last with HydraStroke® Technology and Severe Service™ fluid section which maximize durability. Additional, new key features like the new AutoLift™ system and quick change fluid sections make jobsite life easier and more productive.

  • HydraStroke Technology delivers unmatched durability and performance powered by electronically controlled hydraulics
  • Versatility to spray heavy and light bodied coatings without burning out clutches
  • Hydraulic motor is optimized with one moving part, reducing heat and extending life
  • Severe Service Fluid Sections 5″ slow stroking piston maximizes power and extends pump life
  • Built using a Tri-chrome process to create the industries most durable fluid section that is resistant to corrosion and abrasion caused by aggressive coatings
  • New patent pending quick removal fluid section allows one person to service on the jobsite with ease
  • Effortless drum changes with the electric AutoLift system that raises and lowers the fluid section with the touch of a button
  • Modular design allowing for two different performances out of one sprayer. by simply switching out the fluid section
  • Large 12″ pneumatic tires make it easy to move around job site
  • Extremely efficient cooling system with two fans to maximize air flow over hydraulic system
  • Large 6 gallon fluid reservoir
  • Spray with up to 6 guns
MAX TIP SIZE – 1 GUN – GAS 0.067″
MAX TIP SIZE – 2 GUNS – GAS 0.043″
MAX TIP SIZE – 3 GUNS – GAS 0.035″
MAX TIP SIZE – 4 GUNS – GAS 0.031″
MAX TIP SIZE – 5 GUNS – GAS 0.029″
ENGINE Honda® GX390
Weight 400 lbs